Landscape Construction

We pride ourselves on offering complete site prep and underground work associated with new landscape projects including clearing and grubbing, fine grading, ‘smart’ irrigation systems, wet utilities and site drainage.

From a hardscape perspective we offer construction services related to the installation of pavers, concrete, stone and brick paving, retaining walls, hardscape features such as fire pits and fireplaces, as well as masonry walls and other site features. 

Planting/Horticultural Services

Due to a plant’s life cycle dynamics, planting is a unique asset investment, Tolly ensures a quality process through soil preparation, plant selection and final installation of your investment. Our bachelor of science, horticultural degrees allow us to properly plant and stage your landscape for a lifetime of success.

Smart Strategies

We actively work with our clients to assist them in incorporating landscaping strategies that will directly lead to water consumption savings including adaptive and native plant designs, eliminating water waste and building smart irrigation systems.

Low Voltage Lighting & Alternatives

Often overlooked landscape lighting can offer a dramatic nighttime landscape. LED lighting offers spectacular effects at significant energy savings to enrich your landscape while offering ambiance and beauty.

In general, Landscape Construction refers to everything needed to create the perfect outdoor landscape. Our teams can install underground infrastructure often overlooked as a part of landscape. Gas service and electrical needs are a few services frequently performed by outside contractors; Tolly includes these in a project.

We install optimum efficient irrigation systems on site to accommodate not only plant types but the individual micro-climates created due to sun and shade areas on a project.

Lighting will create a night-time picture that not only offers enjoyment from anyone passing by but a great view from inside the home. Effective lighting will also generate security from potential animal activity as well as human intruders.


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